When wiping isn't enough or isn't an option
Use Anal Rinse for Added Hygiene!

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Made from specially molded surgical grade materials, the nozzle includes six 36° degree spouts which angle gentle jets of water into walls of the anal canal. The bulb can be filled with warm or cold water, to give relief and cleaning you prefer.

Nothing is more embarrassing than emitting an unwanted odor or wearing stained undergarments in a social situation.

We want you to stay and enjoy the party & leave when you are ready, not when your anus tells you its time to go.

Anal Rinse can help you remove any fecal matter that may remain in the anus following a bowel movement. As we perspire or become more active, sometimes leaks can happen, which not only cause undue itching, but can be odiferous and embarrassing.

This not an enema or a douche, but a uniquely designed bulb and tip designed for discreetly cleaning the anus.

Patented by Dr. Thomas, a 35 year Surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital in Missouri, the Anal Rinse bulb and its patented tip, were specially designed for patients recovering from and treating wounds from hemorrhoid surgery and childbirth. Anal Rinse aids in recovery and gently cleans the anal canal.

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Dr. Thomas

Why People Are Using
Dr. Thomas Anal Rinse

  1. To reduce itching, odor, and staining of undergarments related to anal seepage or improper hygiene.
  2. Relief from painful hemorrhoids or fissures before and after surgery
  3. Gentle cleansing wound care following childbirth, (e.g., episiotomy)
  4. Relief for those suffering from pruritis ani.

At just over 3.5" tall, with a volume of just less than 3 Oz., Anal Rinse is small, but can effectively clean sensitive areas at or away from home with one or two applications. Use while on the toilet, in a bath or shower or where it is most convenient.

Using Analrinse

How Do I use Anal Rinse?

For cleansing:

  1. Remove tip, fill latex-free bulb with Warm/Cold Water
  2. Replace tip and insert tip snugly into the anus and squeeze bulb
  3. Remove bulb and allow evacuation
  4. Wipe with tissue, baby wipes or soft cloth
  5. Repeat if necessary
Keeping AnalRinse Clean

How Do I Care
for my Anal Rinse?

  1. Remove tip and wash separately or with bulb in warm soapy water
  2. Rinse occasionally with 70% Isopropyl alcohol
  3. Store in a cool dry place. We recommend washing and cleaning again before each use.

Anal Rinse Can Give You a Cleaner Bum

Anal Rinse may seem small, but if you've had surgery, undergone a surgical procedure,
or want a healthier sex life, Anal Rinse is a powerful ally, providing just the right amount of clean.

Anal Rinse® By Dr. Thomas

For a happier bum, and fewer embarrassing moments - Be Brave!
Give Anal Rinse a try today... We won't tell!